crackmonkey is the computer that serves this webpage. It also does mail. Debian Linux

beachedwhale is my personal pc. Good machine with decent processing power. Windows XP

dirtyrat is the NAS server. FreeNAS

paininthedonkey is my temporary machine (when other stuff breaks.) Windows XP

baddog is the kids' pc. Got this for $15. Windows XP

compylappy is my (currently busted) Compaq laptop. Windows XP

swampcroc is my new-to-me Toshiba laptop, loaned to a friend. Windows XP

dungbeetle is my Lenovo work laptop. Windows XP

mightymouse is Jenny's old laptop. Windows Vista Home Professional

??? is Jenny's new laptop. MacBook Pro 13" with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

fatcow is a soft-mod'd XBOX running XBMC

loanshark is a soft-mod'd XBOX running XBMC

slimyslug is a soft-mod'd XBOX running XBMC

bluebird is an old Gateway Pentium 166Mhz testing box. Debian Linux

This system is run by Brian A. Hartvigsen aka Tres`ni.
All SSL Certificates are self signed.